Lily's Garden
Preschool and Kindergarten

Academic Program

Welcome to Lily's Garden! At the heart of our program is a warm, nurturing, and stimulating environment where we provide a solid foundation for a strong academic future. At the same time we broaden your child's horizons by allowing him or her to freely express his or her unique creativity. We believe in instilling good habits from an early age to foster an effective and healthy work ethic. As a result, many of our graduates go on to comfortably skip the first grade. Our curriculum spans over a broad range of topics including the arts, sciences, and geography with particular emphasis on reinforcing language and math skills. The following is an overview of what your child will be learning!

Enrichment Classes

In addition to our normal Academic Program, we also offer Enrichment Classes to our students to expand the horizon and interests of our students. These classes are scheduled outside of the normal Academic Program.

The following are some of the classes we offer when schedules allow us: